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The City Hall postal address: P.O.Box 84, N-2831 Raufoss

Visit the municipal administration: Kirkevegen 8, Raufoss

Our municipality

Vestre Toten is an industrial and agricultural municipality, centrally located in the inner eastern Norway, 110 kilometres north of Oslo and 60 kilometres south of Lillehammer.

Railway and national road runs through the municipality.

The municipality has an area of approximately 250km2, and more than 13000 residents. Administration center is Raufoss where also one of the largest industrial parks is located with approximately 2500 employees in many high-tech businesses.

The landscape of the municipality is characterized by diverse agricultural areas with an element of larger and smaller lakes and ponds and highly productive forests. The river Hunnselva streams from the beautiful lake Einafjorden and into the lake Mjøsa at Gjøvik.



The health centre, the midwife, the health administration and a doctor’s office are all located in Sagatunet (Sigurd Østliens veg 4, Raufoss). There are also other doctor’s offices in the commune. The Health sector offers a wide range of services. Please read more in our service descriptions:

NAV (the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Organisation)

NAV is in Kirkevegen 8, Raufoss, in a new building next to the Rådhuset.

Here is a description of one of the services of NAV:

Job vacancies in Vestre Toten municipality and Norway

These links will provide infomation for employers and jobbseekers:

Kindergarten (Day care centres)

There are kindergartens in various parts of Vestre Toten.

Applications for kindergarten place are coordinated in Barnehagetjenesten, Rådhuset, Kirkevegen 8, Raufoss. You will find more information in our service description:


The municipality is responsible for elementary and lower secondary education - from 1st to 10th grade.  There are 6 elementary schools and 2 lower secondary schools in Vestre Toten.

Here is our service description on commencing school:

Compulsory schooling in Norway lasts for ten years, and the children start school the year they turn six. Primary and lower secondary education is based on the principle of an equal and adapted education for all in an inclusive comprehensive school.

Adult training (“Voksenopplæring”)

This service is located in Sagatunet (Sigurd Østliens veg 4, Raufoss). It provides education especially adapted for adults, to establish a basis for further education or to get professional training. You can read about this in the service descriptions:

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