Commencing school



Children essentially commence school in the calendar year in which they reach the age of six. You may apply for an earlier or postponed school start for your child. A postponed start implies that the child commences during the calendar year when he/she reaches the age of seven. An earlier school start means that the child may commence in the calendar year he/she reaches the age of five.
The school will send a letter to the parents/guardians of children of school age. The letter contains information about when and where you should meet.


The pupil has the right to postpone school start if a professional evaluation has been made by the educational and psychological service (PPT) indicating doubt as to whether the child has developed sufficiently to commence school.
In order to commence school earlier, the child must have reached the age of five by 1 April. An evaluation by the educational and psychological service (PPT) must have been made.

Practical information - Contact

Administrasjon grunnskole
Postal address: 84, 2831 Raufoss
Visiting address: Rådhuset, Kirkevegen 8, Raufoss

Administrative procedure

The municipality shall obtain the necessary information in order to determine the matter. A decision is consequently made. Normally a reason is given for the decision at the same time. You will always be given a reason if there are grounds to believe that you will not be satisfied with the decision. If the reasons are not stated, you may ask the municipality. This should be done within the time limit for making an appeal.

Time taken to consider the application

The municipality shall consider your application as soon as possible. If the matter cannot be determined within one month, you will be informed of this in writing with the reasons for the delay. At the same time you will be informed when you may expect to hear of the municipality’s decision.

Possibilities to appeal; procedure

If you are not satisfied with the decision, you may appeal to the municipality within three weeks of having been informed. Explain why you are dissatisfied and why you feel the decision should be changed. If you need assistance, you may ask the municipality. If the municipality upholds its original decision, the matter will be sent to the county governor, who will decide whether the appeal may be allowed.

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