Health services for refugees and asylum seekers



Asylum seekers and refugees who are permanently or temporarily resident in the municipality have the right to basic health services similar to all others.

Target group

Special attention and follow-up shall be given to asylum seekers and refugees from areas where there is a high risk of specific contagious illnesses or
who have been subjected to torture and other serious traumatic experiences

  • who do not have a family
  • who are minors and who have come alone to Norway
  • who are pregnant
  • who are single parents
  • who have been subjected to rape or other sexual violence


For persons under 18 years, it is not a requirement that he/she has a legal right to residence. For persons above the age of 18, the law states that they are only entitled to emergency assistance.

Charges/cost of the service

The service is free of charge except where the law or the regulations maintain that payment shall be made.


This is a statutory service. See sections 1-3 and 2-1 of the Municipal Health Services Act.

Practical information - Contact

Visiting address: Sagatunet, Sigurd Østliens veg 4, Raufoss
Telephone 61 15 35 40
Postal address: 84, 2831 Raufoss

Possibilities to appeal; procedure

If you are not satisfied with the decision, you may appeal to the municipality within three weeks of having been informed. Explain why you are dissatisfied and why you feel the decision should be changed. If you need assistance, you may ask the municipality. If the municipality upholds its original decision, you may appeal to the county health authority.

You may also send a complaint to those responsible for carrying out the service. The complaint is sent to the municipality or directly to the service provider.

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