Introduction programme for new-arrived immigrants



The Introduction Programme for Newly-arrived Refugees shall comprise training in the Norwegian language, information about Norwegian society and assistance in preparing for working life. The programme shall continue throughout the year and last for up to two years. An individual programme based on the training needs of the individual shall be prepared. Participants have the right to introductory financial support. On a yearly basis this corresponds to twice the national insurance basic amount. Persons under 25 years receive two-thirds support.
The aim of the introductory programme is to increase the possibilities for the refugee to participate in working life and to enable them to be financially independent. It is an assumption that you reside in a municipality following an agreement with the immigration authorities, and that you have a need for basic qualifications.

Target group

You are a newly-arrived refugee between 18 and 55 and have been granted a residence permit or work permit as indicated below. "Newly-arrived" means that you have been in the country for less than two years.


One of the following criteria applies:

  • You have been granted asylum
  • You are a transfer refugee with permission to enter the country
  • You have been granted a residence permit and a work permit on humanitarian grounds pursuant to your application for asylum
  • You have been reunited with your family, members of which are in the above groups and who have not been resident here for more than five years


The municipality is responsible for the introduction programme.

Practical information - Contact

NAV Vestre Toten
Visiting address: Kirkevegen 8, RAUFOSS
Postal address: 13, 2831 RAUFOSS
Telephone: 55 55 33 33

Time taken to consider the application

The municipality shall ensure that you are able to participate in the introduction programme, and within three months of your having become resident in the municipality. If you have not been offered this service within one month, you will receive written information of the reason for this and when it is expected that the course will start.

Possibilities to appeal; procedure

You may appeal a decision concerning:

  • course content/support payment
  • essential changes in the programme
  • curtailment of the programme
  • approval of leave

This must take place within three weeks of being notified of the decision, Explain why you are dissatisfied and why you consider that the decision should be changed. If you need assistance, you may ask the municipality. If the municipality upholds its original decision, the matter will be sent to the county governor, who will decide whether the appeal may be allowed.

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